How to make sure you choose the right care


Oxmoor Care Consultancy provides advice and help in two ways: It helps individuals to find care – the care most suitable for their particular needs. It helps those already receiving care, for example: Visiting and assessing them to check that the care being received is as it should be Helping people to apply for funding … Read more

Managing your medications


Because older people often take multiple medications, they’re at higher risk of drug interactions and negative side effects. Pharmacists are medication experts who can help minimise these risks and keep old people as healthy as possible. We share 9 essential questions to ask at the pharmacy when picking up your older adult’s prescriptions. We also … Read more

Case Study: Ivan

Don, the son-in-law of Ivan, was kind enough to give us an insight into how his father-in law Ivan has been cared for by Promedica24. Perhaps a good way to start is to explain how you came to learn Ivan needed extra support and his recent story and how he has been cared for before … Read more

Personalisation in Social Care: Fact or Fiction?

Here we will look at personalisation in care. Are older people getting what they want from their care? What roadblocks are in the way to achieving personalisation in care? What can we do to empower people to choose how they live their lives whilst getting the level of care that they need? What is personalisation … Read more