Care Home or Care at Home

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An ageing population and under-funded industry has led to added pressures on health and social care over the past few years, resulting in the much-publicised social care crisis.

With politicians and professionals stating that there is no quick solution to the care home bed shortage, the need for a care solution is more prevalent than ever.

Individuals who require around the clock care and support should not have to move to residential care. In fact, they should be given the choice to remain in their own home if this is something they would prefer to do.

Live-in care is an affordable and viable option, and for those that would prefer this option, there are many benefits to being able to remain in your own home.

We take a look at some of the benefits of live-in care as your care solution:

Familiar and secure environment

For many individuals, uprooting to another location in their later years can cause significant trauma and make them feel like they’re losing grip of independence.

Live-in care enables a person to remain in the comfort of their own home whilst still receiving the high-quality care they need to live a fulfilling life. Being at home enables them to enjoy familiar surroundings, sights and sounds, continue to be a part of the community and maintain their existing friendships with those that live close by.

Receiving care at home will also provide an individual with security. Due to the social care crisis, many care providers are faced with the challenge of providing adequate care and support. With live-in care, you remain in your own home with no risk of losing it.

If you own your own home, and have care and support needs, a financial assessment will establish your capital and income. If you are arranging care and support at home, your property will not be included in this financial assessment. You can find out more about funding in our recent blog.

Control your care

A study carried out by One Poll in 2014 revealed that 97% of people would not want to move into a residential care home if they were given a choice. Live-in care puts control back into their hands, giving the choice about where and how they are cared for.

Your personalised care plan is based on your needs and wishes, and as these change, so does your plan.

Keeping families together

Live-in care enables couples and pets to stay together, unlike a care home where there is a possibility of being separated. This in turn increases happiness levels and makes deteriorating health more manageable.

It may be that both individuals in the home need care and support, or that the main carer needs a little help. Live-in care provides this flexibility, giving families the independence they need to enjoy their time together.


Care workers are matched based on personality and care and support needs, ensuring a positive friendship to be formed, which is based on trust and familiarity. Your care worker is able to provide 1-1 support, around the clock, so you can rest assured your needs will continually be met.

Your family and friends can also visit at any time of the day, it is your home after all!

Quality of life

Live-in care has been proven to improve both mental and physical health, reducing the reduction in falls and hospital admissions.

Care, support and companionship can be provided on a long or short-term basis, whether someone is new to needing care, already receiving care or requires support following an illness, accident or hospital stay.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about the live-in care Promedica24 can provide, across the UK, call our friendly team on 0800 086 8686.

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