Case Study – Rachel, her daughter Vicky, son Tom & live-in carer Irena.

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Questions for Tom and Vicky

How did you come to learn Rachel needed extra support and can you share with other
families her recent story and how she has been cared for before and now with

Rachel has been independent since her husband died 14 years ago. Late 2019 and early 2020 she spent at least a month in hospital and was quite poorly. It became obvious that she would not be able to cope at home on her own. It was at that point that Promedica24 came to help.

How did you go about looking for support and care?

Investigating on the internet and we found Promedica24.

How did you find PM24 and how well did they respond?

I found Promedica24 on Google. It was easy to make contact and they responded really quickly and I found out much more about them by arranging a friendly chat with their local representative Gary Derbyshire.

What attracted you to Promedica24 in the first place?

Rachel was keen to stay in her own home, so live-in care was an obvious choice. Promedica24 seemed to offer the sort of service we were after.

In which ways does the Promedica24 live-in carer help Rachel on a day to day basis?

Personal care, washing, getting dressed and ready for the day. Preparing meals and general help during the day.

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