Meet Joy and her daughter, Sarah

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When Sarah and the family started to notice subtle changes in Joy’s behaviour and episodes of forgetfulness became more common, she decided to install some sensors so the family could keep a close eye on Joy.

As these sensors allowed activity to be monitored remotely using smartphones, this measure gave the family some short-term comfort that if anything went wrong, they would know quickly and could go and intervene. That’s all this proved to be though – a short term solution. After a while, events took another turn. More changes in Joy’s behaviour, such as going to bed later and her normal routine becoming more inconsistent, lead Sarah to think it was now time for some domiciliary care to be brought in.

Domiciliary care was introduced on a gradual basis, starting with one visit per day before rising to two visits. During this time, Sarah’s sister (who lives far away) stayed connected with Joy by phone.

Then things took another turn for the worse sadly. Joy started forgetting to take her medication. She suffered multiple falls.

It was typical of Joy in that she would just get up and get on with it after a fall. The problem was one bad fall could result in dire consequences like an emergency hospital visit. The family had to intervene again and this time measures needed to be greater. They contacted their local GP who was very supportive of Sarah’s wishes that Joy should be able to continue living at home. As there weren’t any medical reasons to prevent this, it was just a case of finding the right care for Joy.

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