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Pricing Structure

After carefully assessing your situation and finding out what you and the family require to live well, we can then recommend the right level of service.

Unlike other organisations we will hold prices over the long terms, no sharp sudden increases conveniently after a carer and client have developed a relationship.

Living independently from
£1,075 per week

This is for an individual who is independent with their personal care, but requires companionship, preparing meals, housekeeping and community support.

This is all about companionship and making sure that someone is there to monitor and reduce the risk of falls and provide stimulation, conversation and friendly company. The individual is fully capable of personal care and medication.

Living with
care and support

Price available on request

This includes all of the companionship elements of Living Independently but importantly, also includes support with personal care and medication.

Living with advanced
care and support
Price available on request

This is for individuals who have more complex requirements and specialist techniques involved in their care.

Two carers are better than one

At times, care is needed both day and night to keep a person safe and well supported. A  second carer can work alongside the first carer to provide a full 24 hour wrap around care service.  If this is the case we can offer discounts for a second carer.

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