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Frank is a bit of a character and has an interesting background, can you sum up Frank as a person ?

To sum dad up as a person, he is proud archetypal Yorkshireman who hates wasting money and proud of his roots. He loves his home, spending time with family and friends and travelling to the sun. He finds ways to cope with the loss of mum, his disability and short-term memory lapses, to live life as best he can.

Dad was proud to have been born and raised in the same Yorkshire Town and today he loves to look out over the valley to see places where he was born, used to play as a child and spent most of his married life. In his younger days, dad was a very keen and successful sportsman.

He was a weightlifting enthusiast who at 17 won the title of Junior Mr Britain; weightlifting also led to dad meeting with a young Sean Connery before he became famous as James Bond. Dad also played professional rugby league for Wakefield Trinity, the team featured in the 1963 film This Sporting Life.

Dad served overseas in the Army with a posting in Malta and this gave him a desire to travel which he would still like to do. He enjoyed army life and especially the access to sport where he played football and rugby.

On leaving the army, dad became a successful businessman and was well known around the town where he worked and also played in the rugby league team.

Dad followed on his passion for fitness and weightlifting set up and ran his own specialized non-profit making Gym which he ran for over60 years. He always made himself available to encouraged youngsters into fitness and health. Dad is a sun lover who loved to take holidays in hotter climates, particularly enjoying time in Tenerife after retirement.

He came to like the relaxed life of cafes where he would socialize with family and friends.

How did you came to learn Frank needed extra support and can you share with other families his recent story and how he has been cared for before and
now with Promedica24?

Sadly, dad’s sporting injuries and a fall at work led dad becoming disabled and unable to walk without a frame. Dad also suffered several heart attacks so that he needed a pacemaker and numerous tablets each day. Dad was also diagnosed with vascular dementia, his short-term memory was a concern.

When mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer this left the family with a dilemma. Dad was adamant that he did not want to go into a Care Home even thought his doctor recommended this was the best plan as dad was not able to look after himself.

All the family live a distance from dad and so we considered options of him living with us. Dad was adamant that he did not want to leave his home and beloved town and did not to outside Yorkshire. Dad was very stubborn and became upset at any prospect of leaving his home or any talk about Care Homes.

How did you go about looking for support and care?

We were able to plan dad’s care with mum during her last months and we put in place safety features to make the house safe and useable for him after mum passed away. Dad was very dependent on mum who became his ‘carer’ before her diagnosis no longer allowed her to do this. With excellent support from family members and work, we were able to step-in and provide live-in support by moving into their home to help care for mum in her last months and to manage the transition of how to care for dad.

Due to my mum’s forward planning, she organized Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Health and Financial matters to be in place for dad and mum allowing us to manage dad’s health and finance matters on his behalf although we continue to consult with him. Online banking and other services are a must in these times and use of internet is beyond dad’s capabilities.

Having an LPA is a big advantage, and we would strongly advise others to put LPAs in place to allow families to take care of their elderly family. We have now organized LPAs for ourselves in case we have any accidents or unfortunate event making us unable to manage day-to-day matters.

We spoke with the local dementia society who were very helpful and gave good advice. We were advised that dad would be far happier and live longer by staying in familiar surroundings like his own home. He had lived in his current home for 25 years and he was very happy with the views he had over the valley.

This all led the family to agree that the only realistic option was to arrange full-time care for dad at home.

Financially, dad had sound savings and investments so would need to fund his own care whether it be in a Care Home or at Home. This did mean that we received very little help or support from NHS or Social Services who left us to do our own thing. Dad’s doctor recommended dad go into a care home so again was not very helpful.

After consultation with friends and associates and searching the web, we found several companies that could offer full time home care. There is some excellent information available on home care providers including the NHS website.

We investigated care companies and contacted companies with good reviews and ratings to discuss care plans. Promedica24 were very helpful and supportive from the start and provided clear evidence of their experience in this type of care. Promedica24 did stand-out and impressed us with their pro-active approach.

Financially, Promedica24 were competitive in the market and so we proceeded. Promedica24 were able to put a quality carer, with the right experience of handling disability and dementia, in-place quickly.

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