What can you expect from a live-in carer at Promedica24?

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We’ve asked our carers to describe the types of things they do every day for our clients, and using this feedback we have written a fictional account of a ‘day in the life’ of Margaret and her carer Paula.

“I’m Margaret and my carer Paula has been with me for 18 months now. This is an account of our typical day.

In the morning, Paula is generally up before me and she comes in with a cup of tea for me and then gives me a minute before helping me with a quick wash and getting dressed. I’m 87 and I had a fall at home a while back and I feel much more confident since having Paula with me.

We have breakfast and Paula gets my medicines down for me to take, as I do sometimes forget.

Paula whizzes round with the hoover and duster and lets the cat out, then we do our morning exercises. It’s a bit of a laugh really as Paula does do them with me, but I do think it makes it more fun when you’ve got someone else to join in and to give you a helping hand.

Paula drives my car to the shops, (I’m not really confident enough to drive any more) and we pop round and get a few things for lunch and for the fridge.

After lunch, Paula puts the washing out on the line in the garden, while I have some quiet time. I might read or do the crossword or a jigsaw. If it’s a lovely day I will sit out in the garden with her, she has planted some of the bulbs, which will look lovely in Spring. I’m teaching her more about gardening, as she has the energy and I have the experience!

Later on we have supper, Paula is a good cook and I love having hot meals, as I must admit I wasn’t really bothering when I was just on my own. Paula will do some ironing afterwards while I watch some of my programmes.

I get quite tired these days, so Paula will help me to bed and to get into my nightclothes. She always remembers to feed the cat before we go to bed too!

That’s a fairly typical day, but sometimes we might go for a walk in the park, or go to the farmers’ market. We’ve also been to the lunchtime concerts at the cathedral a couple of times, which are great.

My friends love visiting me and I can still visit them too, as Paula can drive me there on Thursdays. She is a fantastic companion and I really don’t know how I managed without her.”

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