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What is live-in care?

Safety & Security

Live-in care offers safety, security, and a sense peace of mind knowing that your Live-in Carer is on hand to support early morning routines through to night time wakes. If family and friends are living further afield, having a trustworthy person to care for a loved one’s health and well-being needs is an invaluable assurance for them.

After conducting a care assessment, we will recommend a potential Live-in Carer to you who is carefully matched to your overall care needs, personality and lifestyle preferences. This means from day one genuine friendships can blossom. Once you’ve chosen a Live-in Carer, they will move into a spare room in your home and live with you or your loved one, not only as a Live-in Carer but as a companion. They assist with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and personal care, all the way through to providing more complex care such as medication management or assisting those with conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, disability, MS, MND, cancer and diabetes.

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Freedom to Live on your own terms

Choosing live-in care means that you have the freedom to live your life as you wish in a familiar environment. It also means you can continue to do the things you love. Families can also be confident that their loved ones are safe, comfortable and making the most out of life.

Essentially, Promedica24 provides families with the freedom to focus on what matters being a loving husband, wife, partner, son or daughter.

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