How to Prevent the older generation from being scammed

Older people with money. Scam artists relentlessly prey on them. Why are the elderly more susceptible and more likely to become victims of a scam? The elderly are vulnerable to scams because they tend to be too trusting, gullible, live alone and don’t have someone watching over their finances. Loneliness also plays a role. The … Read more

Mirrors and Alzheimer’s

Mirrors and reflections can terrify those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia Did you know that mirrors can be very disturbing for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia? For some people, seeing their reflection in a mirror can cause anxiety, anger, or even hysterical terror. If your older adult starts acting irrationally without any clear triggers, look … Read more

Keep in touch with your GP during Covid-19

If you are unwell and have recurring concerns make sure you contact your GP. Millions of patients could be putting their long-term health at risk by avoiding calls to their GP during the coronavirus pandemic, NHS leaders have warned. Four in 10 people are not seeking help from their GP because they are afraid to … Read more

Coping when dealing with grief

Grief is something that we will all experience in our lives, whether we are grieving for a person we loved or a pet who was part of our family. Grief is hugely powerful in its ability to change everything about our life and how we feel, act and think, either in the short or long … Read more

Exercises for older people

We all know moving more is good for us. But knowing the level of activity that’s right for you, especially if you’ve just had a fall, an operation, or are living with a long-term health condition, can be difficult. Being more active isn’t about working up a sweat. It’s just about moving more each day … Read more

Why I wrote a funeral self-help guide

Why I wrote a funeral self-help guide I became a funeral director because I believe that funerals are a very important opportunity for people to gain a growing acceptance of their loss, and to set the tone for a more positive bereavement. Everyone we support has different needs that could potentially be met during the … Read more

Covid-19: A Catalyst for Change in Adult Social Care?

Covid-19: A Catalyst for Change in Adult Social Care? Has Covid-19 acted as a catalyst for change in adult social care? How quickly can we change? – Will this determine how well we cope with new public health pressures and evolving demographic trends? Let’s look at the first question. Well, yes, Covid-19 has caused huge … Read more