The Power of Collaboration in Care


In this article we’re going to look at the power of collaboration  when different organisations work together to achieve common goals, namely – giving people more information, more joined up solutions and therefore more choice when it comes to care and support. Collaborations have the power to transform industry. We’ve just seen NASA work with … Read more

Long-Distance Support For Relatives During Covid-19

With Covid-19 ensuring relatives living long-distances away are safe and well has become even more problematic and a real worry for families. For instance, occasional visits that you used to have may have disappeared altogether. In-person visits are essential, though. So, if you are not there even occasionally, you need to make sure you have … Read more

Case Study: Sheila November 2020

My Mum, Sheila was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease 4 years ago. After the death of my father, she was supported at home by my self and my sister for several months, and then with increasing input from a Home Care Agency. She required 3 visits a day of at least on hour duration. It was … Read more

Bereavement books for younger children

Talking about death can be difficult, and some people find it especially hard to approach the subject with children. However, if we do not say anything then there is a chance that children will fill the blanks in for themselves and they might come to some unexpected conclusions. Reading stories together can be one way … Read more

Katherine Daniels

Hi I am Rebekah, of Beauty By Rebekah, based In Harrogate, North Yorkshire.I am a Beauty and Complementary Therapist and Katherine Daniels Skin Care Specialist and I love to help people improve their skin, health and well-being.A problem occurring more and more is people are having breakouts, sore, sensitive skin from having to wear masks. … Read more