Our older generation often have interesting backgrounds and tales of work, travel or even adventures or do you want to share with us something of June’s background ? June would talk openly about her difficult start to life and fascinated many with her story. June described being physically disabled since 7 yrs old when she … Read more

Your questions answered

QUESTION:What is the difference between a regulated care provider and an introductory agency? ANSWER:Promedica24 are a regulated care provider which means that the Care Quality Commission, a government appointed organisation, oversee our service, our carers, and our team. They perform regular checks to ensure that we are offering families a safe, responsive, and well managed … Read more


Frank is a bit of a character and has an interesting background, can you sum up Frank as a person ? To sum dad up as a person, he is proud archetypal Yorkshireman who hates wasting money and proud of his roots. He loves his home, spending time with family and friends and travelling to … Read more

Regulated vs Unregulated Live-in Care

Covid-19 has shown just how viable live-in care is as an alternative to a residential care home. This has seen more care providers come to the market to provide live-in care services. At first glance this may seem like a good thing as it will give you more options, however it’s important to be cautious … Read more


What is pneumonia? Sadly we have lost too many older people to Covid-19 over the last year, but another serious danger is pneumonia which has almost been forgotten since the pandemic. Pneumonia is an infection that causes the tiny air sacs in the lungs to become inflamed andfilled with fluid and pus. That causes coughing … Read more

Later Life Hub – A collaboration of Trusted Professionals to support the over 50s

The Power of Collaboration Later Life Hub North Yorkshire In this article we’re going to look at the power of collaboration when different organisationswork together to achieve common goals, namely – giving people more information, more joined up solutions and therefore more choice when it comes to their care and support. When multiple organisations with … Read more

The benefits of grateful living

Gratitude vs Grateful Living Why is grateful different to gratitude – the benefits of grateful living Have you ever considered gratitude to be transactional, being a response to something. For example, when I go to bed each night, I recall three things from my day for which I am grateful. So, I could be grateful … Read more

How do I speak to my family about money?

When you reach the time of needing care and support, how you pay for that care can be an added stress and the way forward can seem daunting. However, it is definitely worth taking the time to find the best way to finance your care once you have decided the best type of support for … Read more